Feed and Grow: Fish

Get started with the essentials pack which will unlock all fish for you instantly. Get unlimited coins to be able to spawn any fish you like. Breath forever under water with the unlimited oxygen mod. Get super fast and move around with ease using the unlimited sprint mod. Getting eaten too easily? Try the unlimited health option. Camera too restricting? Try zooming out infinitly with the infinite zoom mod or remove the water clipping to pop your camera up out of the water. Gameplay too slow? Try instantly leveling up, bind it to a key and become the biggest fish in the pond.

Overview Video
This modpack contains the following mods

Unlock All Fish

Unlocks and allows you to play as any fish on any map.


Change the number of coins you have between 0 and 1000. Enabling the lock will prevent your coins from ever going up or down.

Unlimited Oxygen

Prevents your oxygen from lowering allowing you to breath under water forever with fish / animals that have limited breath.

Unlimited Sprint

Gives you unlimited sprint which allows you to sprint forever.

Unlimited Health

Gives you unlimited health to prevent other fish from killing you. This won't stop things from swallowing you if you're tiny.

Unlimited Zoom

Allows you to zoom infinitely.

Remove Camera Water Clipping

Allows the camera to clip above the water when your fish is below the water.

Level Up

Level up your current fish.

Level Up Levels

How many levels to add each time you level up.

Max Fish

The max number of each type of fish that is allow to spawn.

Remove Level Cap

Remove the maximum level cap, allowing your fish to get past level 296.

Fix Fish Spawning Issue

Use this only if fish stop spawning. This will restart the fish spawning process and allow fish to spawn again. This shouldn't be required but is here just in case.