Enhance your Muck experience with these essential mods. Unlock all the items and stations that are available in the game. Prevent damage, give yourself unlimited health, stamina and stop hunger. Instantly revive all players, change your max run and walk speeds to travel across the island faster than ever before. Give yourself infinite coins so you can unlock every chest in the map. Make all crafting options always available to so you can craft anything and everything. Give yourself an infinite number of any item or powerup in the game. Gain infinite jumps and reach new heights or get clear from monsters. Want to win the game? Upgrade your boat for free with this mod.

Overview Video
This modpack contains the following mods

Unlock All Items and Stations

Press this to unlock all items and stations.

Revive All Players

Attempts to revive all players on the server.

Player To Revive

Select a player to revive.

Revive Specific Player

Revive the specified player.

Kill All Mobs

Press this to kill every mob that is currently on the server. This works best if you're the host.

Prevent Mob Spawning

Prevents hostile mobs/monsters from spawning. This won't kill mobs that have already spawned.

No Damage

Prevents any players from taking damage.

Full HP

Sets your HP to match your full HP.

Full Stamina

Gives you unlimited stamina.

Full Hunger

Ensure your hunger bar remains full.

Max Run Speed

The max run speed you can achieve. The default is 13.

Max Walk Speed

The max walk speed you can achieve. The default is 6.5.

Infinite Jumps

Give you an endless number of jumps.

Override Total Coins

Override the total number of coins you have. You need to enable the toggle for this to apply.

Can Always Craft

Allows you to craft things even if you don't have enough items to craft it. This will still use items if you do have them.

Free Boat Upgrades

This will allow you to repair the boat even if you don't have enough resources.

Item To Give

The item to give when giving an item.

Item Give Count

The number of a given item to give.

Give Item

Give you an item based on the item selected from the dropdown menu.

Powerup To Give

The powerup to give when giving a powerup.

Powerup Give Count

The number of a given powerup to give.

Give Powerup

Give you an powerup based on the powerup selected from the dropdown menu.

Skip Tutorial

Will prevent the tutorial from coming up, or close the tutorial if it has already started.