Want the power to freeze time to prevent the volcano from exploding? Want to move super faster or deal super damage? Want to change gravity to reach places you've never been before? Want infinite health and stamina? Want to move faster than you've ever moved, or carry an infinite number of items? Grab the essentials pack to get started today.

This modpack contains the following mods

Infinite Health

Give yourself infinite health.

Infinite Stamina

Give yourself infinite stamina.

Infinite Ammo

Give yourself infinite ammo.

Infinite Building

Unlocks / allows you to build anything.

Disable AI

Turn off AI so things won't interact with you.

Disable Turrets

Disable turrets to prevent them from doing anything.

Character Speed Multiplier

Multiply the movement speed of characters.

Island Time Multiplier

Change the rate at which time flows on the island.

Inventory Size Multiplier

Multiply the size of your inventory.

Weapon Damage Multiplier

Multiply the damage of your weapons.


Set the gravity of the game world.