Wobbly Life

Need more money? Grab this essentials pack. You can give yourself as much money as you want. Want to unlock all the presents that are hidden all over the map? We can do that too. Want to have a go at collecting all the presents again? We can do that too. Prevent yourself from drowning under water. Get started with this essentials pack.

Overview Video
This modpack contains the following mods

Set Money Amount

Select the amount of money you want all players to have then use the 'Set Money' button to apply it to all players.

Set Money

Set all players money to the amount of money specified in the 'Set Money Amount' option.

Unlock All Presents

Unlocks all the presents. This will grant the items and achievements assossiated with them but not the money.

Lock All Presents

Locks all the presents. This allows you to collect them all again. You should change maps or return to the main menu for presents around the map to respawn.

Complete Current Mission

Successfully completes the current job.

Prevent Drowning

Prevents you from drowning when under water. You can freely walk around under water for as long as you want.