Vehicle Manager

Wobbly Life

Spawn a wide range of vehicles instantly in front of you. Instantly teleport yourself to the nearest telephone box. Unlock a much wider selection of vehicles to spawn from the telephone box.

Overview Video
This modpack contains the following mods

All Vehicles Unlocked

Unlocks all vehicles that can normally be spawned from a telephone box. This won't affect your save file and can be turned off. Exit and enter a telephone for this to apply.

Selected Vehicle

Select a vehicle to spawn.

Refresh Vehicles

Refresh the vehicles that are available to spawn. This will change depending on where you are and what is loaded into the game. These will become cached and the list will only get bigger by refreshing.

Spawn Vehicle

Spawn the selected vehicle where you player is.

Teleport to Telephone Box

Instantly teleport your character to the nearest telephone box. The telephone box can be used to spawn vehicles. This will fail if there are no telephone boxes anywhere near you.