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AzzaMods is the easiest app for modding singleplayer PC games. Easily use mods with the click of a button. No more difficult or manual steps, everything is automatic and easy.



Trusted by some of YouTube's most popular Creators

AzzaMods is not only widely loved by our fans, it's also widely used by some big YouTubers such as Pungence, Kindly Keyin, and Bitgamer. Want us to feature your channel here? Please reach-out to us here.


Is This Safe?

Yes. AzzaMods is 100% safe for use on Singleplayer Games and has been played by trusted YouTubers such as Pungence, Kindly Keyin, and Bitgamer.

Is AzzaMods Free to use?

Yes, AzzaMods has free mods & free content for lots of games. AzzaMods releases extra mods and content to premium members.

What Games Are Available?

AzzaMods aims to support EVERY Unity based game. AzzaMods automatically detects any Unity based game that is running or is installed via Steam. Simply launch a game and it will appear in AzzaMods. You can also view the official list of supported games HERE.

Can I Support You?

Absolutely! One of the best ways to support AzzaMods is by signing up for an account and opting for a premium membership. Your support not only accelerates our development process, but it also helps us create a better product and a wider variety of mods for everyone. Furthermore, we're excited to announce that you can now directly support us by commissioning custom mods through our new commissions page . Each commission helps us continue our work of bringing tailored, unique gaming experiences to life.

Can I Suggest a Mod / game?

Absolutely! Your ideas matter to us. We've integrated functionalities within AzzaMods for suggesting new mods and games, and for reporting bugs. We encourage you to share your innovative ideas directly with the AzzaMods team. And if you have a specific vision for a mod, why not commission it? Check out our commissions page to get started. Remember, your feedback and suggestions shape the future of gaming experiences at AzzaMods.

What is your refund policy?

AzzaMods does NOT offer refunds under any circumstances. Please ensure the mods work by testing the FREE Modpacks before purchasing. Change of mind or bugs do not warrant a refund. AzzaMods provides free support prior to purchases if the free Modpacks are not working, purchasing a membership will NOT magically make them work, please reach out to us for support via the AzzaMods support page prior to any purchases.

Social Media Links

AzzaMods is available to chat or answer questions via Discord. YouTube can be used to stay up to date with the latest mods and videos.