Complete Mission

A mod for 112 Operator
About the Complete Mission mod

This mod provides a quick and efficient way to instantly complete the current mission, ensuring seamless resolution of all incidents without any hassle. It is designed to streamline the game finishing process, allowing players to conclude their missions with precision while on duty, ultimately enhancing their overall experience.

Overview Video
Rapid Mission Resolution

Achieve quick and flawless mission completion, ensuring all incidents are resolved instantly. No more delays in wrapping up missions!

Efficient Game Finishing

Simplify the process of finishing 112 Operator games more effectively, eliminating the need to navigate through arduous tasks, and allowing you to move on to new challenges promptly.

Enhanced Duty Performance

Boost your performance while on duty by swiftly solving incidents and achieving mission objectives with precision, guaranteeing a seamless and successful operation.

Extra Details

Instantly complete the current mission, solving and remaining incidents perfectly.

This modpack contains the following mods

Complete Mission

Instantly complete the current mission. This works best if you bind it to a key. You need to be on duty for this to have an effect.

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