Puzzle Solver

A mod for 39 Days to Mars
About the Puzzle Solver mod

This mod empowers players to progress through 39 Days to Mars more efficiently by providing the ability to instantly solve, weaken, or fail puzzles near Albert. It enhances the overall gaming experience by offering options to streamline puzzle-solving, customize difficulty, and unlock additional narrative paths.

Streamline Puzzles with Instant Solutions

Effortlessly progress through the game by utilizing the mod to instantly solve puzzles near Albert, reducing frustration and enhancing the gaming experience.

Enhance Gameplay with Variable Puzzle Difficulty

Tailor your gaming experience by using the mod to adjust puzzle difficulty, making them easier to conquer. Enjoy a more personalized and enjoyable journey through the game.

Uncover New Dialogue and Outcomes with Failed Puzzles

Trigger engaging dialogues and advance the storyline by failing puzzles near Albert. Explore new narrative paths and outcomes by strategically utilizing this feature.

Extra Details

Instantly solve any puzzle that Albert is standing near, allowing the game to proceed. This can be used to make puzzles easier or fail puzzles too.

This modpack contains the following mods

Fix Nearest Puzzle To Albert

Instantly solve the closest problem to Albert, allowing the game to proceed.

Make Nearest Puzzle To Albert Easier

Instantly weaken the nearest puzzle to Albert, making it easier. Some puzzles can't get any easier.

Fail Nearest Puzzle To Albert

Instantly fail the closest problem to Albert, creating dialog and making the game proceed. You may need to fail a puzzle multiple times to cause a certain outcome.

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