God Mode

A mod for 3Dash
About the God Mode mod

Empower your character with the ability to resist fatal outcomes and enhance their survival in 3Dash. Install this unique mod to activate the god mode feature, preventing your character from succumbing to mortal dangers, and prolonging your gaming experience.

Overview Video
Enhance Character Survival

Improve your character's survival in 3Dash by utilizing this mod. With the god mode feature enabled, your character is rendered immune to mortal dangers, ensuring a prolonged and engaging gaming experience.

Immunity Against Fatalities

Obtain immunity against character death within 3Dash using this unique mod. With god mode activated, your character becomes impervious to life-threatening events, allowing for uninterrupted gameplay and exploration.

Prolong Your Gameplay

By installing this mod, players can enjoy extended gameplay within 3Dash. The god mode feature offers the ability to prevent character death, providing a more relaxed and immersive gaming experience without the worry of the game ending prematurely.

Extra Details

Prevent yourself from dying.

This modpack contains the following mods

God Mode

Enable god mode and prevent yourself from dying.

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