Give Chemicals

A mod for 60 Parsecs!
About the Give Chemicals mod

Enhance your gameplay in 60 Parsecs! with the Give Chemicals mod, providing the capability to instantly give yourself a specified amount of chemicals, tailoring your space adventure according to your strategic preferences.

Tailored Chemical Supply

Elevate your 60 Parsecs! experience with the ability to customize and instantly provide yourself with a specified amount of chemicals, ensuring a more strategic and enjoyable gameplay.

Unlimited Chemicals Freedom

Empower your crew with unlimited access to chemicals, shaping your space adventure in 60 Parsecs! according to your own terms without limitations, and enhancing your survival capabilities.

Unlock Outer Space Opportunities

Embrace the freedom to thrive in outer space with a mod offering free, unlimited, and tailored access to chemicals, enabling you to face the challenges of Atomic Space Age confidently and steer your team towards success in 60 Parsecs!

Extra Details

Instantly give yourself a specified amount of chemicals.

This modpack contains the following mods

Amount of Chemicals to Give

The amount of chemicals to give.

Give Chemicals

Give the specified amount of chemicals.

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