Give Item

A mod for 60 Seconds! Reatomized
About the Give Item mod

Effortlessly enhance your gameplay with the ability to instantly give yourself any specified item, simplifying item management and refreshing item lists to streamline your in-game experience.

Enhance Your Gameplay Experience

Gain the upper hand and tailor your gaming experience by instantly adding specific items, saving valuable time and making gameplay more enjoyable.

Streamlined Item Management

Simplify inventory management, conveniently refreshing the item lists, and effortlessly distributing multiple items with just one click, putting you in control of your in-game assets.

Diverse Gameplay Strategies

Experiment with unique gameplay strategies by quickly accessing a wide variety of items within the game, allowing for endless possibilities and enhancing your overall gaming experience.

Extra Details

Instantly give yourself the specified item.

This modpack contains the following mods

Item to Give

The item to give.

Refresh Item List

Refresh the list of item.

Give Item

Give the specified item.

Give All Items

Give every item.

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