Stop Timer

A mod for 60 Seconds!
About the Stop Timer mod

Gain an edge in 60 Seconds! with the Stop Timer mod. Freeze the timer during the scavenging phase to gather supplies at your own pace and strategically restart the timer with 3 seconds left, providing a better chance for survival. This mod offers invaluable flexibility and could be the difference between life and death.

Unlimited Scavenging Time

Freeze the timer during the scavenge phase of the game to get unlimited time for gathering essential supplies. With ample time, you can carefully explore and plan your strategy without the pressure of time constraints.

Strategic Survival Management

Enhance your survival chances by using the Stop Timer mod. Restart the timer with 3 seconds left and make strategic decisions near the shelter to secure survival. This mod offers a lifeline in critical moments of the game.

Optimize Survivability

Maximize your chances of survival with the ability to freeze the timer. Gain valuable time to make critical decisions, gather resources, and ensure the safety of your family in the face of impending danger.

Extra Details

Freeze the timer and get unlimited time to scavenge the house.

This modpack contains the following mods

Stop Timer

Stop the timer during the scavenge section of the game.

Restart Timer With 3 Seconds

Restart the timer with 3 seconds left. You should go near the shelter so you can jump down and live!

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