Crafting Helper

A mod for 7 Days To Die
About the Crafting Helper mod

Enhance your crafting experience in 7 Days To Die by crafting items without the required ingredients, preventing resources from depleting during the process, instantly crafting items, and unlocking all crafting recipes instantly.

Boost Crafting Efficiency

Bypass the need for specific ingredients while crafting in 7 Days To Die, ensuring that creation is not hindered by resource limitations.

Time-Saving Crafting

Craft instantly and eliminate the time-consuming aspect of crafting, allowing more gameplay and creative freedom within 7 Days To Die.

Unrestricted Crafting Experience

Unlock all recipes instantly and experiment with various crafting combinations to enhance gameplay in 7 Days To Die, without the usual limitations.

Extra Details

Craft even if you don't have the required items, don't consume resources when crafting and craft instantly.

This modpack contains the following mods

Can Craft Without Ingredients

Allows you to craft items even if you don't have the required ingredients. Open and close the crafting menu to refresh.

Don't Remove Ingredients When Crafting

Don't remove ingredients when crafting. Items won't be used up when you craft.

Instant Crafting

Makes all crafting instant. It no longer takes any time to craft things.

Unlock All Recipes

Instantly unlock all the recipes for your local player. You must be loaded into the game for this to work.

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