Status Effect Manager

A mod for 7 Days To Die
About the Status Effect Manager mod

Elevate your gameplay in 7 Days to Die by gaining the ability to give yourself status effects and buffs or clear unwanted effects altogether. This mod equips players with the power to customize their survival experience like never before.

Master Your Character's Abilities

With the power to add and remove status effects at will, you can tailor your character's strengths and weaknesses to fit your preferred play style. Whether you want to gain an edge with buffs or mitigate the downsides of debuffs, this tool puts the control in your hands.

Stay Ahead with the Latest Options

The ability to refresh your list of available status effects keeps your gameplay dynamic. Dive into a world of possibilities and strategies by choosing from the latest buffs and abilities, ensuring you’re always prepared for whatever the game throws at you.

Experiment Freely

Unlock a deeper level of engagement with your character by exploring experimental status effects. These unique abilities can elevate your gameplay experience, adding unpredictability and excitement every time you venture into the world of 7 Days to Die.

Extra Details

Give yourself status effects and buffs. Clear status effects and buffs.

This modpack contains the following mods

Status Effect To Give

Select a status effect or buff to give yourself. Refresh the list of status effects once you are in the game.

Refresh Status Effects

Refresh the list of status effects and buffs. This works best if you are loaded into the game.

Give Selected Status Effect

Give yourself the selected status effect or buff.

Clear Selected Status Effect

Clear the selected status effect or buff from you.

Clear All Status Effects

Clear all the status effects and buffs from your character.

Show Experimental Status Effects

Enable this to have experimental, internal, twitch, test and dev status effects appear in the list of status effects and buffs.

Status Effects Dont Update

Prevent status effects and buffs from expiring or applying recurring effects such as damage.

Block Game Status Effects

Stops the game from giving you new status effects. You can still give yourself status effects via AzzaMods.

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