Unlock Books and Skills

A mod for 7 Days To Die
About the Unlock Books and Skills mod

Transform your gameplay in 7 Days to Die by effortlessly unlocking all skills and books. Gain the freedom to purchase skills without spending skill points and tailor your character development to suit your style. With the ability to give yourself skill points, dive into a world of unlimited possibilities and experience everything the game has to offer without the usual grind.

Endless Customization for Your Character

Imagine being able to shape your character exactly how you want without the usual constraints. This feature allows players to buy skills freely and enhance their gameplay without worrying about managing skill points.

Instant Access to Skills and Knowledge

Why wait to explore every skill and perk available? Instantly unlocking all skills and books fuels your adventures, allowing you to dive into the gameplay and immediately benefit from every ability that enhances your survival chances.

Control Your Skill Development Effortlessly

Take charge of your gaming experience by easily granting yourself skill points and making it possible to customize how you build your character. With simple actions, refresh your skills and revert changes without hassle, making every gaming session exhilarating.

Extra Details

Unlock all the books and skills. Give yourself skill points and buy skills for free.

This modpack contains the following mods

Free Skills

Makes it so skills no longer cost skill points to purchase. Purchase as many as you please.

Skill Points To Give

How many skill points to give yourself when giving skill points.

Give Skill Points

Give yourself the specified amount of skill points. Open and close the skills menu to refresh.

Unlock All Skills and Books

Reads every book and unlocks every skill, perk and attribute. Open and close the skill or books menu to refresh.

Lock All Skills and Books

Unreads every book and locks every skill, perk and attribute. Open and close the skill or books menu to refresh.

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