Give Cash

A mod for 911 Operator
About the Give Cash mod

This modification allows you to instantly grant yourself a substantial amount of cash in 911 Operator, enhancing your ability to manage emergency services without the worry of budget constraints. Choose how much you'd like to receive, up to one million, and focus on what truly matters: responding to emergencies effectively.

Enhance Your Management Skills

Gain complete control over your financial resources in 911 Operator. With this mod, you can easily adjust your cash balance to better focus on dispatching the right number of emergency services, ensuring that every call is handled efficiently.

Tailored Gameplay Experience

Don’t let financial constraints limit your gameplay. By specifying the exact amount of cash you wish to receive, you can customize your strategy and enhance your ability to respond to emergencies. Seize the chance to unlock your full potential.

Overcome Financial Barriers

Instantly resolve monetary issues and dive into the intricacies of managing emergency responses without the stress of limited funds. This mod is ideal for players looking to fully immerse themselves in the challenges of running 911 services, all while enjoying a stress-free financial setup.

Extra Details

Instantly give yourself a specified amount of cash.

This modpack contains the following mods

Amount of Cash to Give

The amount of cash to give.

Give Cash

Give the specified amount of cash.

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