Quit Duty

A mod for 911 Operator
About the Quit Duty mod

Streamline your gameplay with the 'Quit Duty' mod for 911 Operator. Instantly exit your current task and return to the game menu, optimizing your gaming experience and giving you greater control over your in-game activities.

Efficient Task Management

Instantly quit your current duty in 911 Operator, enabling you to efficiently manage your tasks and experience a seamless transition back to the main menu.

Enhanced Gaming Flexibility

Experience enhanced gaming flexibility with the ability to swiftly leave your current task in 911 Operator, allowing for a more dynamic and customizable gameplay experience.

Time-Saving Convenience

Save precious time with the option to quickly exit your current duty in 911 Operator, providing you with more control over your gaming sessions and reducing unnecessary waiting time.

Extra Details

Instantly quit duty. You will be returned to the menu.

This modpack contains the following mods

Quit Duty

Instantly quit duty.

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