Solve Active Reports

A mod for 911 Operator
About the Solve Active Reports mod

Experience a new level of efficiency in 911 Operator by instantly resolving all active reports. This mod allows you to focus on action-packed decision-making without the added burden of tedious report management, making it perfect for players who seek a streamlined gaming experience.

Transform Your Emergency Management

Imagine breezing through emergency calls without the hassle of solving every single report. This mod offers a unique gameplay experience that enables you to focus on the more pressing and exciting elements of operating emergency services.

Maximize Your Game Efficiency

Time is of the essence in urgent situations. With this mod, you can dramatically speed up your decision-making process, allowing for a smoother experience as you manage your emergency response teams. Say goodbye to tedious report management.

Ideal for Competitive Players

If you're striving for the highest scores or the best dynamics in 911 Operator, this mod is your secret weapon. It opens up opportunities to advance faster while handling emergencies effectively, letting you dominate the leaderboards.

Extra Details

Instantly solve active reports. All of the active reports will be instantly solved.

This modpack contains the following mods

Solve Active Reports

Instantly solve active reports.

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