Level Selector

A mod for Accounting (Legacy)
About the Level Selector mod

Elevate your gaming experience with the Level Selector mod for Accounting. Seamlessly skip to your favorite levels and instantly access various locations, including the intro, forest, and dungeon.

Effortless Level Selection

Access any part of the game instantly, including the intro, accounting desk, forest, dungeon, skellingtons room, court room, forest fire, and credits. Effortlessly select your desired level and progress smoothly through different game sections with this mod.

Elevate Your Gaming Experience

Unleash the potential of your gaming experience. Seamlessly navigate through different game levels, change locations, and conquer challenges without constraints. Make Accounting even more exhilarating and enjoyable with this mod.

Master the Game

Enhance your gaming skills and become a master of Accounting. Instantly load the intro, forest, or dungeon. Conquer every level and explore all the game has to offer with this dynamic mod.

Extra Details

Easily pick your favourite levels in Accounting.

This modpack contains the following mods

Load Intro

Instantly load the intro.

Load Accounting Desk

Instantly load the accounting desk.

Load Forest

Instantly load the forest.

Load Dungeon

Instantly load the dungeon.

Load Skellingtons

Instantly load the skellingtons room.

Load Court Room

Instantly load the court room.

Load Forest Fire

Instantly load the forest fire.

Load Credits

Instantly load the credits.

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