Unlock All Costumes

A mod for Amazing Frog
About the Unlock All Costumes mod

Unlock all costumes, hats, accessories, and t-shirts to enhance your Amazing Frog gameplay. With this mod, changing outfits becomes a breeze - simply access any wardrobe option using a toilet in-game.

Unleash Your Style

Experience the freedom to express your unique style with the ability to unlock every costume, hat, accessory, and t-shirt available in Amazing Frog. Your in-game wardrobe possibilities are limitless!

Effortless Outfit Customization

Say goodbye to limitations as you effortlessly change into any outfit using a toilet in the game. This feature provides a seamless and convenient way to step into your desired look in Amazing Frog.

Maximize Your Accessory Collection

Gain instant access to all outfits, hats, and accessories within Amazing Frog, enhancing your gameplay with an expanded array of customization options. Upgrade your in-game appearance with ease!

Extra Details

Unlocks all costumes, hats, accessories and tshirts. Go into a toilet and change your outfit to anything.

This modpack contains the following mods

Unlock All Costumes

Unlocks all costumes, accessories and outfits when enabled. Make sure you change menus for the available options to be refreshed.

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