Grab Any Surface

A mod for A Difficult Game About Climbing
About the Grab Any Surface mod

Enhance your climbing experience with this mod that enables you to grab any surface, providing unprecedented control and maneuverability. Conquer challenging terrains by climbing on wet rocks and enjoy seamless gameplay with the option to release hands if they get stuck.

Unprecedented Control in Climbing

Discover a new level of control and flexibility in maneuvering through the game environments. The mod allows you to grab any surface, offering a unique and immersive climbing experience.

Conquer Challenging Terrains

With the ability to climb on wet rocks, players can take on new challenges and conquer previously inaccessible terrains, adding an exciting dimension to the game.

Seamless Gameplay Experience

Experience seamless gameplay with the option to release hands if they get stuck, ensuring that you can focus on your climb without interruption.

Extra Details

Allows you to grab any surface. Grab wet rocks and climb like a champion.

This modpack contains the following mods

Grab Any Surface

Gives you grab any surface.

Release Hands

Hands stuck? This will release them.

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