Set Gravity

A mod for A Difficult Game About Climbing
About the Set Gravity mod

Take control of gravity in A Difficult Game About Climbing with this mod. Whether you want to intensify the challenge by increasing gravity or make traversal easier by reducing it, this mod allows you to customize your gaming experience in a unique way.

Customize Gravity Control

Enhance your gaming experience with a mod that puts gravity control in your hands. Adjust the gravity to your desired level and experience the game in a whole new way!

Challenge Yourself

Take on new challenges by modifying the gravity in the game. Increase gravity for a tougher climb or decrease it to master difficult sections with ease. The choice is yours!

Achieve Unimaginable Feats

Set the gravity to defy the laws of physics. Traverse the game environment in unique ways, uncovering new paths and achieving feats that were previously impossible.

Extra Details

Allows you to control gravity. Change how much gravity will affect you.

This modpack contains the following mods

Set Gravity

Set the gravity to the specified value.


The amount of gravity to apply. A value of 100 is default gravity. A value of 50 will make it half gravity.

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