Resource Giver

A mod for AdVenture Communist
About the Resource Giver mod

Amplify your gameplay with the ability to promptly acquire diverse resources essential for advancing in the game. Customize and prioritize the collection of specific resources to bolster your progression and dominate the game.

Overview Video
Accelerate Resource Collection

Gain a strategic advantage by quickly acquiring various resources essential for progression.

Customize Resource Allocation

Tailor your resource accumulation with the flexibility to choose the specific resources needed to advance your game.

Optimize In-Game Progress

Elevate your gameplay by efficiently managing and boosting your in-game resources, accelerating your overall progress.

Extra Details

Need more resources? Give yourself resources with this mod.

This modpack contains the following mods

Resource Type

The resource to give.

Give Count

The number of resources to give.

Give Resources

Give the specified number of the specified resource.

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