Skip 1 Minute

A mod for AdVenture Communist
About the Skip 1 Minute mod

Add an exciting twist to your AdVenture Communist experience with this mod, enabling you to instantly skip time and collect all the items gained from idling for 1 minute in the game.

Resource Efficiency

Gain an edge in AdVenture Communist by instantly skipping time and obtaining all the items you would collect from 1 minute of idling in the game.

Time Manipulation

Accelerate your progress in AdVenture Communist using the skip time mod, allowing you to efficiently improve resource collection in the game.

Enhanced Productivity

Utilize the time-skip feature to optimize resource production and hasten your advancement in AdVenture Communist, ensuring rapid in-game growth.

Extra Details

Instantly skip time.

This modpack contains the following mods

Skip 1 Minute

Adds 1 minute of playtime to your game, gaining all the items that you would collect if you were to idle for 1 minute.

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