Speed Up Game

A mod for AER
About the Speed Up Game mod

Elevate your AER experience by increasing the game speed, allowing you to skip cutscenes and expedite gameplay. Tailor your adventure by adjusting the speed, creating a more personalized and dynamic gaming experience.

Enhance Your Journey

Adjust the game speed to skip cutscenes and speed up gameplay, ensuring a more streamlined and efficient adventure through the vibrant world of AER.

Accelerate Progression

Unleash the power to expedite progression and breeze through the game quicker by increasing the game speed, making your AER experience more dynamic and responsive to your pace.

Tailor Your Gameplay

Take control of your gaming experience by customizing the game's speed, allowing you to suit the pace to your preferences and enjoy a more personalized and immersive journey in AER.

Extra Details

Increases the speed of the game so that you can skip cutscenes or otherwise make the game go faster.

This modpack contains the following mods

Game Speed

Enable the toggle to set the speed of the game. This is useful for making things progress faster.

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