Load Checkpoint

A mod for Ageless
About the Load Checkpoint mod

Gain the ability to instantly restart from the last checkpoint by sacrificing your player's life. With this mod, you can seamlessly resume from where you left off or overcome challenging sections without the need for manual navigation.

Overview Video
Sacrifice to Respawn

Gain the power to restart the game from the last checkpoint instantly by sacrificing your character's life. A convenient and quick way to pick up from where you left off or retry a challenging section.

Streamlined Restart

The mod offers a seamless method to restart the game from the last checkpoint, eliminating the need to manually navigate back through the level. It's a time-saving feature tailored for an improved gaming experience.

Quick Recovery Mechanism

Experience a rapid recovery after defeat by triggering an immediate respawn from the last save point. This provides a stress-free way to resume gameplay, reducing frustration and enhancing immersion.

Extra Details

Load the last checkpoint by killing your player.

This modpack contains the following mods

Load Checkpoint

Instantly kill your player, restarting you from the last checkpoint. This is useful to bind to a key.

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