Low Gravity

A mod for Ageless
About the Low Gravity mod

Experience innovative new ways to play Ageless with the ability to control gravity settings, unlocking unique gaming experiences and enhancing your creativity as you explore the game's world.

Overview Video
Unique Gaming Experiences

Immerse yourself with personalized gravity settings, transforming the gameplay and opening up a range of new possibilities for unique experiences in Ageless.

Enhanced In-Game Creative Control

Utilize the low gravity mod to exercise creative freedom, allowing you to shape the game's environment and interactions dynamically.

New Dimensions of Exploration

Open doors to uncharted territories and discovery with the ability to adjust gravity, offering a fresh perspective on Ageless' world and its inhabitants.

Extra Details

Control the gravity making it lower or higher.

This modpack contains the following mods

Player Gravity

Set the gravity of your player. The default gravity value for your player is 900. A value of 200 gives a decent low gravity effect.

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