Research all Research

A mod for Airborne Kingdom
About the Research all Research mod

This mod for Airborne Kingdom allows you to instantly unlock all research, providing immediate access to the entire research tree. Enjoy the convenience of controlling the pace of your research, enabling a more customizable gameplay experience.

Instant Access to Research Tree

Unlock the entire research tree instantly, saving time and effort in the Airborne Kingdom game. Enjoy the freedom to explore all research options without the in-game grind.

Effortless Research Management

Conveniently unlock and lock research at your own pace. Tailor your gameplay experience by gaining immediate access to all research and maintaining full control over the process.

Enhanced Game Progression

Accelerate game progression with the ability to unlock all research in the Airborne Kingdom. Get ready to dive deeper into the game's mechanics and uncover a new level of strategic possibilities.

Extra Details

Instantly research all research. Everything in the research tree will be unlocked. Lock everything again, or simply discover all the research so you can research it at your own pace.

This modpack contains the following mods

Research all Research

Instantly research all research.

Lock all Research

Instantly lock all research.

Discover all Research

Instantly discover all research.

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