Unlock All Buildings

A mod for Airborne Kingdom
About the Unlock All Buildings mod

Unleash the full potential in Airborne Kingdom with the Unlock All Buildings mod. Instantly access all buildings, simplifying your gameplay experience and providing new creative and strategic possibilities.

Simplify Your Gameplay

Access all buildings instantly, simplifying and enhancing your Airborne Kingdom gameplay. Say goodbye to time-consuming processes and enjoy the convenience of having all buildings already unlocked.

Explore Limitless Possibilities

Unlock endless potential within Airborne Kingdom with all buildings readily available. This mod allows you to explore every aspect of the game without constraints or limitations, providing a truly immersive experience.

Unleash Creativity and Strategy

With all buildings unlocked, unleash your creativity and strategy to its fullest extent in Airborne Kingdom. Focus on creating and managing your kingdom without being hindered by building restrictions, and witness new dimensions of the game come to life.

Extra Details

Instantly unlock all buildings.

This modpack contains the following mods

Unlock All Buildings

Instantly unlock all buildings.

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