Unlimited Farts

A mod for Amazing Frog? (Legacy)
About the Unlimited Farts mod

Elevate your Amazing Frog? (Legacy) experience by adding the Unlimited Farts mod. With this mod, you can enable the option for unlimited farts and harness their force to propel yourself, add momentum, and even take flight in the game.

Overview Video
Unleash Unconventional Power

Take your Amazing Frog? (Legacy) experience to new heights by harnessing the ability to soar through the air with unlimited farts. Propel yourself with force and experience an entirely new way of moving through the game.

Unlimited Fun with Farts

This mod adds an element of whimsical chaos to your gameplay. Embrace the hilarity and unpredictability as you navigate the world of Amazing Frog? (Legacy) propelled by endless farts that are bound to create numerous entertaining situations.

Enhance Your Freedom

Enable the option for unlimited farts and gain an unprecedented level of freedom in the game. Use the force of farts to accelerate, fly, and explore new areas, adding a layer of excitement and ingenuity to your gameplay.

Extra Details

Gives you unlimited farts. The farts will also push you along / add force and sometimes let you fly.

This modpack contains the following mods


Fart on command. Cause your frog to fart. You may not fart if you don't have the unlimited farts option on.

Enable Unlimited Farts

Enable the ability to have unlimited farts.

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