Easy Enemies

A mod for Anger Foot
About the Easy Enemies mod

Enhance your Anger Foot experience with a mod that allows you to freeze your enemies or turn them into passive beings that won't attack, providing a unique twist to your gameplay.

Transform Your Gameplay Experience

Imagine a game where the foes pose no threat, allowing you to roam and explore with ease. By transforming enemies into passive characters, you can enjoy every beat of Anger Foot without the constant worry of being attacked.

Strategize Like Never Before

Why rush through combat when you can freeze your enemies and plan your next move? Freezing foes allows for new strategies, enabling you to approach challenges in a calm and calculated way.

Perfect for All Play Styles

Whether you're a newcomer wanting to enjoy the rhythm and world of Anger Foot without interruption or a seasoned player looking for a fresh take, this mod caters to all styles. Adjust your gameplay to suit your needs.

Extra Details

Gives you the ability to freeze enemies or simply make them passive so they wont attack you.

This modpack contains the following mods

Passive Enemies

Makes the enemies passive - they will not attack you.

Freeze Enemies

Freezes the enemies - they can no longer move.

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