Unlimited Units

A mod for Animal Revolt Battle Simulator
About the Unlimited Units mod

Elevate your gameplay in Animal Revolt Battle Simulator with the Unlimited Units mod. Break free from restrictions as you place an unlimited number of units, stack them without bound, remove monetary limits, and effortlessly adjust units to any size, opening up a new world of creative battles and strategies.

Unleash Untethered Creativity

Elevate your Animal Revolt Battle Simulator experience by breaking free from unit placement constraints. With the mod, unleash an unlimited number of units and stack them without bound, opening up a new realm of creative battles and strategies.

Expand Your Arsenal Limitlessly

With the mod, bid adieu to monetary limits and embrace the ability to place any number of units, thereby expanding your options for battle formations and strategies. Unlock boundless potential and unrestricted power to take your gameplay to new heights.

Seamless Scaling for Unrivaled Dominance

Remove scale limits and effortlessly adjust units to your desired size, giving you the freedom to tailor units precisely to fit your battle plans. Embrace the seamless scaling feature to dominate the game like never before.

Extra Details

Sick and tired of limits in Animal Revolt Battle Simulator? Grab this mod to start removing the limitations of the game. Place unlimited units, no more monetary limits. Place units on top of each other. Scale units to any size you'd like.

This modpack contains the following mods

Place Unlimited Units

Allows you to place unlimited units. Prevents the unit placer from turning red which also allows you to place units on top of each other.

Remove Unit Scale Limit

Remove the scale limits when placing units. Units can be scaled by holding alt and scrolling the mouse wheel.

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