Unlimited Units

A mod for Animal Revolt Battle Simulator
About the Unlimited Units mod

Enhance your gameplay in the Animal Revolt Battle Simulator by removing all limits on unit placement, allowing you to create epic battles with limitless units and sizes. Place your units without red indicators and enjoy stacking them to design your perfect chaotic battlefield.

Endless Strategy Possibilities

Unlock the true potential of your strategic thinking by placing as many units as you want without limits. Imagine the chaotic combinations you can create in your battles, freely exploring the complexity and humor that the game offers.

Defy Normal Gameplay Limits

Why settle for traditional unit placements? This mod lets you stack units and remove monetary limits, allowing you to craft absurd battlegrounds filled with an army of your design, pushing the boundaries of what you thought was possible.

Customizable Units for Tailored Battles

Take personalizing your experience to a new level by scaling units to your liking. No need for standard sizes—create gigantic beasts or tiny invaders and enjoy sensational battles that reflect your unique style and creativity.

Extra Details

Sick and tired of limits in Animal Revolt Battle Simulator? Grab this mod to start removing the limitations of the game. Place unlimited units, no more monetary limits. Place units on top of each other. Scale units to any size you'd like.

This modpack contains the following mods

Place Unlimited Units

Allows you to place unlimited units. Prevents the unit placer from turning red which also allows you to place units on top of each other.

Remove Unit Scale Limit

Remove the scale limits when placing units. Units can be scaled by holding alt and scrolling the mouse wheel.

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