Unlock All Maps

A mod for Animal Revolt Battle Simulator
About the Unlock All Maps mod

Unleash your creativity with this mod for Animal Revolt Battle Simulator! Unlock all maps, remove unit scale limits, and allow units to overlap, offering an enhanced and dynamic gameplay experience.

Unlimited Exploration

Unlock all maps to explore new terrains and encounter diverse challenges in Animal Revolt Battle Simulator, enabling a new level of freedom and excitement in your battles.

Dynamic Unit Interactions

Experience a more dynamic and intense battle environment with the removal of unit scale limits and the ability for units to overlap, creating unique interactions and unprecedented combat scenarios in the game.

Unleash Creativity

Bypass restrictions, unleash your creativity, and shape your battles as you desire in Animal Revolt Battle Simulator, offering a sandbox battle simulator experience like never before.

Extra Details

Unlocks all the maps. This applies when the menu is reloaded, turn this option on, go into any campaign mission and then come back to the campaign menu and all campaigns will unlock. This option will also apply if you enable it before clicking on any campaigns.

This modpack contains the following mods

Unlock All Maps

Unlocks all the maps. If the maps don't unlock, please go into a level and then back to the main menu for the maps to update and unlock.

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