Deliver Animal

A mod for Animal Shelter
About the Deliver Animal mod

Unlock a new level of gameplay with the ability to have animals delivered directly to your shelter. This mod simplifies the process of animal acquisition, making it easier to take care of more pets and find them loving homes.

Effortless Animal Acquisition

With this mod, players can seamlessly expand the roster of their shelter. No more searching for animals elsewhere; simply receive new pets without delay and focus on caring for them.

Maximize Your Shelter's Potential

Imagine the joy of having an unlimited stream of furry friends arriving at your shelter. This mod ensures you always have a variety of animals to care for, which can lead to more successful adoptions.

Freedom to Play Your Way

This modification removes the constraints of animal availability, allowing you to create your ideal shelter environment. Tailor your gameplay experience and spend more time enjoying interactions with your beloved pets.

Extra Details

Make the van drop off a new animal.

This modpack contains the following mods

Deliver Animal

Deliver an animal.

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