Deliver Animal

A mod for Animal Shelter
About the Deliver Animal mod

Enhance your Animal Shelter gameplay by using this mod to introduce a unique feature that enables the delivery of a new animal via a van. Expand and customize your shelter with extra animals, elevating the overall gaming experience and creating a more dynamic sanctuary for the animals.

Expand Your Shelter with New Animals

Give your animal shelter a fresh boost by using the mod to introduce new animal friends. This feature enables players to deliver an additional animal to their shelter, enriching the gameplay experience and evolving the shelter's dynamics.

Enhance Gameplay with a Unique Delivery Feature

Experience the thrill of delivering a new animal to the shelter using the mod's van delivery feature. This captivating addition adds an exciting layer of gameplay, providing an opportunity to keep the shelter vibrant and dynamic.

Customize and Enrich Your Animal Shelter

With this mod, players have the flexibility to customize their animal shelter by adding new animals. This enriches the gameplay, allowing players to create a unique and diverse sanctuary for their four-legged friends.

Extra Details

Make the van drop off a new animal.

This modpack contains the following mods

Deliver Animal

Deliver an animal.

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