Give Funds

A mod for Animal Shelter
About the Give Funds mod

Acquire an instant and specified amount of funds within the game to gain access to infinite money, allowing for enhanced gameplay and the ability to provide superior care and accommodations to the animals in your shelter.

Unlimited Purchasing Power

Obtain unlimited funds to effortlessly buy various in-game items, enhancing your gameplay experience.

Enhance Animal Welfare

By utilizing the mod to access infinite money, you can significantly improve the welfare of the animals in your shelter and provide them with the best care and accommodations.

Simplify In-Game Transactions

With the mod, acquiring a specified amount of funds becomes effortless, enabling you to streamline in-game transactions and focus on building an exceptional animal shelter.

Extra Details

Instantly give yourself a specified amount of funds. Funds are the money used on the computer to buy things. Get infinite money.

This modpack contains the following mods

Amount of Funds to Give

The amount of funds to give.

Give Funds

Give the specified amount of funds.

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