Give Reputation

A mod for Animal Shelter
About the Give Reputation mod

Elevate your Animal Shelter experience with the ability to instantly increase your shelter's reputation. By unlocking additional items and fostering trust among your animals, this mod allows for a more enriching gameplay.

Boost Your Shelter's Success

Gain an edge in Animal Shelter by customizing and increasing your shelter's reputation instantly. By providing your shelter with a reputation boost, you can unlock additional items and improve your overall success in the game.

Elevate Your Animal Care

Witness the direct impact of reputation increase on the animals in your shelter. Show them love and care by improving the shelter's reputation, fostering trust among animals and enhancing your overall animal care experience in the game.

Unleash New Opportunities

Give yourself the power to unlock a world of new opportunities by utilizing this mod. Increase your shelter's reputation and discover limitless potential for your Animal Shelter, making it an even more enriching experience.

Extra Details

Instantly give yourself a specified amount of reputation. Your shelter's reputation will increase. This will affect your main shelter and horse shelter. You will unlock extra items as your reputation increases.

This modpack contains the following mods

Amount of Reputation to Give

The amount of reputation to give.

Give Reputation

Give the specified amount of reputation.

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