Heal All Animals

A mod for Animal Shelter
About the Heal All Animals mod

Improve the welfare of in-game animals with this mod for Animal Shelter. Utilize the 'Heal All Animals' feature to swiftly remove diseases from every animal, ensuring a healthier and happier virtual existence.

Revamp Animal Welfare

With this mod, players can significantly elevate the in-game animal welfare by instantly removing diseases from all animals, ensuring their healthier and happier existence within the virtual world.

Easily Accessible Healing Solution

By implementing this mod, players gain convenient access to the 'Heal All Animals' feature, simplifying and expediting the process of managing and caring for the in-game animal population.

Streamlined Gameplay Experience

Through this mod, players can streamline their gameplay experience, enhancing immersion and enjoyment as they focus on nurturing and protecting the animals in the virtual animal shelter. The 'Heal All Animals' action ensures a smoother and more fulfilling gameplay journey.

Extra Details

Heals all diseuses from all animals.

This modpack contains the following mods

Heal All Animals

Heals all diseuses from all animals.

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