Increase Arrow Count

A mod for Arrow a Row
About the Increase Arrow Count mod

Empower your gameplay with the ability to modify the number of arrows shot in Arrow a Row. Take control of your projectile count, unleashing a barrage of arrows to seize victory.

Unleash a Barrage

Amplify your gameplay by customizing the number of arrows you shoot. Flood your enemies with a relentless rain of projectiles, gaining a strategic advantage on every level.

Precision and Power Combined

Fine-tune your gaming experience by adjusting the projectile count. Whether you prefer overwhelming force or pinpoint accuracy, this mod allows you to adapt your playstyle to achieve your desired outcomes.

Customize Your Arsenal

Take control of your arsenal by setting the number of arrows shot in a row. This mod offers you the freedom to tailor your ammunition to match your vision, turning every battle into an opportunity for victory.

Extra Details

Increase or decrease the number of arrows you shoot. Shoot out a ton of arrows every single time you shoot.

This modpack contains the following mods


The amount of extra arrows to give yourself.

Give Arrows

Instantly give yourself the specified amount of extra arrows.

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