Increase Arrow Frequency

A mod for Arrow a Row
About the Increase Arrow Frequency mod

This mod allows you to increase the rate at which arrows shoot in the Arrow a Row game. It provides the freedom to shoot arrows as fast as you want, with the option to customize the shoot speed according to your preference. You gain an unparalleled advantage by instantly increasing how fast your bow shoots by the specified amount.

Unleash Your Shooting Speed

Customize the arrow shooting speed to suit your style. Increase the frequency of arrow shots to take down targets swiftly and efficiently.

Dominate the Game

Gain an edge with the ability to shoot arrows at an unprecedented speed. Outmaneuver adversaries and claim victory with unmatched shooting capabilities.

Enhanced Gaming Experience

Step up the excitement in Arrow a Row with an action-based mod that lets you control the shooting pace, enhancing your gameplay experience.

Extra Details

Increase the rate at which arrows shoot. Fire as fast as you want.

This modpack contains the following mods


The amount to increase your shoot speed by.

Increase Arrow Frequency

Instantly increase how fast your bow shoots by the specified amount.

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