Player Stats

A mod for Atomicrops
About the Player Stats mod

Customize your max health, stay resilient with unlimited health and water, and restore full health automatically when it drops. Tailor your Atomicrops experience for seamless gameplay and enhanced enjoyment.

Enhanced Resilience and Tailored Experience

Customize your health stats to amplify your ability to withstand mutant invasions, and tailor your gaming experience for smooth gameplay with personalized settings.

Seamless Health Management

Revel in unlimited health and water, ensuring you stay at the peak of your abilities throughout the game, with the power to automatically restore full health when it drops.

Optimize Gameplay for Maximum Enjoyment

Amplify your gaming experience with customized max health and unlimited water, simplifying gameplay for a smoother and more enjoyable adventure in the post-apocalyptic wasteland.

Extra Details

The Player Stats mod ensures unlimited health, customizable max health, and unlimited water, simplifying gameplay for a smoother, tailored experience.

This modpack contains the following mods

Unlimited Health

Sets your health to be completely full if your health drops below your max health.

Set Max Health

Set your max health, enable the toggle to apply the setting.

Unlimited Water

Gives you unlimited water.

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