Time Manager

A mod for Atomicrops
About the Time Manager mod

Take control of time within Atomicrops with this mod. Freeze, move to the next day, or change the time of day, granting you the power to manipulate the game environment at your fingertips.

Enhance Immersion with Time Control

Immerse yourself in Atomicrops in a whole new way by gaining the ability to control the in-game time. Whether you need to freeze time to carefully plan your next moves or skip to the next day, this mod opens up unparalleled control and strategic possibilities.

Flexibility in Time Phase Management

Manage your in-game time phases effortlessly with this mod. Seamlessly switch between phases, freeze time during crucial moments, or skip to the next day at your convenience, providing a dynamic and flexible gaming experience.

Optimized Decision Making

This mod empowers players to make better decisions by controlling the flow of time. With the ability to freeze the game time, tweak time phases, or move to the next day, you gain an edge in adapting your strategy, making each gaming session uniquely tailored to your preferences.

Extra Details

Allows you to freeze the time, move to the next day, and change the time of day.

This modpack contains the following mods

Freeze Time

Prevents time from moving.

Next Day

Starts the next day.

Previous Day

Starts the previous day. This doesn't change the day if you're already on the first day.

Goto Dawn Phase

Changes the current phase to the dawn phase.

Goto Day Phase

Changes the current phase to the day phase.

Goto Dusk Phase

Changes the current phase to the dusk phase.

Goto Night Phase

Changes the current phase to the night phase.

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