Infinite Power Usage

A mod for Automachef
About the Infinite Power Usage mod

Unlock boundless creative potential and remove power restrictions in Automachef with the 'Infinite Power Usage' mod, enabling players to enjoy unrestricted power consumption and liberating them from the constraints of power management.

Unleash Unlimited Power

Experience unbounded creativity as you liberate your kitchens from power constraints, enhancing your gameplay with infinite power usage.

Effortless Power Management

Simplify your gaming experience by removing the need to micromanage power consumption, allowing you to focus on the exciting challenges that Automachef offers.

Revolutionize Your Kitchen Design

Expand your possibilities and revolutionize your kitchen designs by unlocking unlimited power usage, opening doors to new, innovative layouts and culinary creations.

Extra Details

Gives you infinite power usage. Your power usage will be zero.

This modpack contains the following mods

Infinite Power Usage

Gives you infinite power usage.

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