Instant Win

A mod for Automachef
About the Instant Win mod

Elevate your Automachef gameplay with this mod, allowing you to instantly win levels and attain a gold award effortlessly. This mod provides a seamless and enjoyable gaming experience by removing the frustration of challenging levels. With guaranteed gold awards, players can breeze through the game and relish the satisfaction of conquering each level with ease.

Ultimate Victory in Every Level

With this mod, players can achieve the ultimate victory in each and every level of the game. It guarantees a gold award on every level, providing an unparalleled gaming experience.

Effortless Level Completion

This mod ensures players can complete levels with ease, taking away the frustration of being stuck on difficult levels. It offers a smooth, enjoyable gaming experience as players progress effortlessly through the game.

Instant Win Gratification

Experience the joy of instant wins with this mod. Players can bypass the challenges, instantly winning levels, and enjoying the thrill of quick progression through the game.

Extra Details

You will instantly win levels. Pass any level easily. You will get a gold award.

This modpack contains the following mods

Instant Win

Instantly win any level.

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