No Kitchen Cost

A mod for Automachef
About the No Kitchen Cost mod

This mod enables players to eliminate the cost associated with designing kitchens in Automachef, thereby providing unlimited resources and allowing for unrestricted creativity and experimentation. Moreover, it streamlines the process by allowing seamless price updates when items are added or removed.

Unlimited Resources Advantage

Leverage the mod to create kitchens without financial restraints, allowing you to execute your ideas seamlessly and without limitations.

Enhanced Flexibility

This mod facilitates the process by providing the freedom to experiment with layouts, machinery, and designs, without the burden of kitchen costs impeding your creativity.

Seamless Cost Adjustment

Experience the convenience of updating prices effortlessly by adding or removing items, ensuring your kitchen evolves according to your vision, with zero financial barriers.

Extra Details

Gives you no kitchen cost. Your kitchen will come up as costing no money. Place something, or remove something for the price to update.

This modpack contains the following mods

No Kitchen Cost

Gives you no kitchen cost.

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