Give Item

A mod for BABBDI
About the Give Item mod

Empower your BABBDI adventure with this mod that allows quick access to an assortment of items, including a club, climber pickaxe, propeller, blower, and motorbike. Effortlessly enhance your gameplay and unlock new possibilities with seamless item access.

Enhance Your Arsenal

Access a diverse range of items, from a club for quick defense to a powerful motorbike for traversing the game world quickly. Unlock new possibilities and strategies with this mod.

Seamless Item Access

Immediately give yourself the desired item with just a tap. No more tedious searching or waiting required, allowing you to focus on the gameplay and enjoyment.

Elevate Your Adventure

Obtain a club, pickaxe, propeller, blower, and motorbike effortlessly. Elevate your exploration and make the most out of your game time with this mod, unlocking a new level of excitement and convenience.

Extra Details

Give yourself a bunch of items including the club, climber / pick axe, propeller, blower and motor bike.

This modpack contains the following mods

Give Club

Give yourself the club, teleporting it to your feet.

Give Climbing Pick Axe

Give yourself a pick axe that is used for climbing, smash it into a wall to climb.

Give Propeller

Give yourself a Propeller. This is used to sort of fly but not really.

Give Blower

Give yourself the blower.

Give Motor Bike

Give yourself a motor bike.

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