Day Time Manager

A mod for Bad North: Jotunn Edition
About the Day Time Manager mod

Elevate your Bad North Jotunn Edition gameplay with the Day Time Manager mod. Take control of the time of day, allowing for tailored experiences and enhanced tactical advantages in battles. Enjoy a fully customizable day/night cycle and set the precise hour of the day to suit your preferences.

Enhance Tactical Strategies

With customizable time settings, players can strategize battles in Bad North Jotunn Edition, gaining an upper hand by setting the time of day to their advantage.

Immersive Gaming Experience

Experience a fully customizable day/night cycle, altering the atmosphere and enhancing the overall immersion, making each gameplay unique and engrossing.

Tailored Gameplay

Set precise hour of the day to suit different preferences, allowing players to tailor their gaming experiences to specific time settings.

Extra Details

Control the time of day. Set the time of day to control if it is day, night or some where in between.

This modpack contains the following mods

Set Hour of Day

Enable the toggle to set the hour of the day. The number can be between 0 and 24 and corresponds to the real world time. A value of 12 would be 12pm or noon.

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