Free Upgrades

A mod for Bad North: Jotunn Edition
About the Free Upgrades mod

Unlock a whole new level of gameplay with this mod that makes every upgrade free! Say goodbye to grinding for coins and gold, as now every enhancement for your units comes at no cost, allowing you to focus on maximizing your strategies and enjoying rich tactical battles.

Overview Video
Transform Your Strategy

Experience the freedom to upgrade your units instantly, allowing you to tailor your strategy without worrying about in-game currency. No more waiting—ensure your troops are always at peak performance!

Focus on Tactical Gameplay

By removing the financial burden of upgrades, you can fully immerse yourself in the tactics of each battle. Adapt your tactics on the fly, knowing that resources for improvements are no longer a concern.

Simplified Game Experience

This enhancement creates a hassle-free gaming experience. Spend less time grinding for coins and more time enjoying the beautiful yet challenging world of Bad North: Jotunn Edition.

Extra Details

All Upgrades are now free and no longer require coins or gold.

This modpack contains the following mods

Free Upgrades

Make all upgrades free. Closing the upgrade menu and opening it will update the UI. Clicking on a new upgrade will also update the UI for the selected upgrade.

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