Give Coins

A mod for Bad North: Jotunn Edition
About the Give Coins mod

Transform your experience in Bad North: Jotunn Edition with a simple yet powerful feature that allows you to give yourself coins. This mod enables you to effortlessly unlock items and upgrades, enhancing your gameplay efficiency and enjoyment without the grind.

Overview Video
Become a Wealthy Commander

Imagine leading your troops with all the resources at your fingertips. This mod lets you effortlessly give yourself coins, ensuring that you can unlock powerful upgrades and items without grinding through levels.

Tailor Your Adventure

The flexibility to customize the number of coins you receive means you can control the intensity of your gameplay. Whether you want a small boost or a limitless supply, this feature allows you to adapt your game experience to match your playstyle.

Make Purchases with Ease

This mod directly upgrades your gameplay by simplifying the purchasing process. With a quick click, you can give yourself the coins needed for vital resources, helping you to focus more on tactics and less on resource management.

Extra Details

Give yourself coins.

This modpack contains the following mods

Coins To Give

The number of coins to give when giving coins.

Give Coins

Give yourself coins based on the coins to give option.

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