Instant Skill Cooldown

A mod for Bad North: Jotunn Edition
About the Instant Skill Cooldown mod

Break free from skill limitations with this mod, enabling you to use your skills and abilities without any cooldown restrictions. Through unlimited charges, experience the game in a completely unrestrained manner, allowing for a dynamic and customizable gameplay experience.

Overview Video
Unleash Unrestrained Power

With the mod, you can say goodbye to skill cooldowns and harness the limitless potential of your abilities. Enjoy complete freedom as you continuously deploy your skills, enhancing your strategic gameplay and maximizing your tactics like never before.

Infinite Tactical Mastery

Experience the game without the constraints of cooldowns. Unleash relentless, tactical assaults and unyielding defensive maneuvers, as the mod allows you to wield your abilities without limitations, revolutionizing your approach to each battle.

Empower Your Command

Step into the role of a formidable leader, empowered by the mod to command your forces without restraint. Amplify your strategic prowess and exercise unparalleled authority by utilizing your skills and abilities endlessly, reshaping the battlefield to your advantage.

Extra Details

Skills no longer have any cooldowns and you can use a skill as many times as you like.

This modpack contains the following mods

No Skill Cooldowns

All skills and abilities instantly cooldown, allowing you to use them over and over.

Unlimited Ability Charges

All skills and abilities have unlimited charges. This lets you use your skills and ability over and over on each level as many times as you like.

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