Can't Lose

A mod for BARRIER X
About the Can't Lose mod

Empower your gameplay with this mod that prevents you from losing in BARRIER X. Say goodbye to crashing and navigate through obstacles effortlessly, giving you the power to complete the game without facing any deaths.

Unstoppable Gameplay

Experience the thrill of unstoppable gameplay with this mod, preventing you from losing and allowing you to effortlessly navigate through obstacles without the fear of crashing.

Complete the Game with Ease

With the 'Can't Lose' mod, conquering BARRIER X becomes a breeze as you gain the ability to finish the game without facing death, providing an exhilarating and satisfying gaming experience.

Masterful Immortality

Attain masterful immortality within BARRIER X by utilizing this mod, which ensures that the fear of losing and the need to retry are eliminated, enhancing your enjoyment and progress in the game.

Extra Details

You can no longer lose. Stop yourself from crashing. You just go through obstacles.

This modpack contains the following mods

Stop Death

Stops you from being able to die. Press escape to finish the level with your current time.

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